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Hcareers InnTrack (powered-by SnapHire) powers online recruitment for 10,000+ users and millions of job seekers across 27 countries. Please review some of our client success stories, and click on the names below to view client careers sites.

We are a small but growing hospitality organization located throughout the United States and needed an Applicant Tracking System to start tracking our applicant flow.  HCareers/SnapHire offered an easy to use and affordable solution that fit my needs perfectly.  From implementation to current use the team at HCareers/SnapHire has provided consistently knowledgeable and responsive support to customize the product to fit my process and to streamline hiring throughout my organization. I am very impressed with the hospitality industry expertise and functionality of the combined HCareers/SnapHire hiring solution.

Corporate Recruiting Manager
Thompson Hospitality Inc.

SnapHire rapidly delivered a great solution to our complex global recruiting needs. Together we implemented a global talent platform across 5 continents integrated with our existing internal systems and external HCareers resources. The SnapHire System has proven especially successful supporting the high volume and fast-paced recruiting needs in our new Las Vegas property opening.

HR Director
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group., San Francisco

Snaphire has reduced my time and resource usage (paper) spent on recruiting by 80%. They finds solutions to my requests within 24 hours, are professional, respectful and personable at the same time. If you want great customer service SnapHire is where you'll find it!

HR Coordinator

SnapHire provided us with our web-based recruiting tool, linked through our website. The results have been great! SnapHire services have really streamlined our recruiting process. The service is quite easy to use. The SnapHire support team has been a great resource, from the initial set-up through training and on-going support. Highly recommended!

HR Director
JCC San Francisco

The services from snaphire, have been a tremendous asset to our organization. Snaphire allows us to easily manage our recruiting process. The support team is excellent at problem-solving and trouble shooting and are always available to assist us. I couldn't ask for more...

HR Director
San Francisco Zoo

It has been a pleasure doing business with SnapHire, Inc. CEO They always respond to questions and issues very promptly and has upgraded the system to make it more efficient on a number of occasions. I highly recommend SnapHire as a program that makes hiring and job placement a breeze

HR Director
San Francisco Conservatory of Music

SnapHire is terrific to work with and provides an excellent product. The Snaphire product  has made our HR lives so much easier; it has organized, professionalized, and expedited our entire recruitment process. We are extremely grateful for SnapHire’s expertise, responsiveness, and creativity..

HR Director
Asian Art Museum

Fastest implementation ever... Method was up and running with SnapHire in a matter of weeks, not months, at a time when we were recruiting like mad. The tool is user friendly, and the SnapHire team has always been there to support us as we continue to use it. Highly recommended.

Method Inc., San Francisco

Snaphire provides all of the functionality that other systems do but with simple implementation, and cost effectively.

After researching and participating in multiple demo's with various providers of Applicant Tracking Systems, we selected SnapHire.  We wanted candidates to have access to all of our jobs across our concepts in one place, while not sacrificing the unique brand identities of each.  SnapHire offered the customization that we needed given that we are a multi-concept company with several brands and locations across Canada.  The branding for each of our concepts is reflected in customized landing pages on our career site, and in job templates.  Content on our career site, as well as job postings, are linked to specific concepts, meaning that candidates can still experience each of our brand stories independently while maintaining a strong link to our company as a whole.  This was very important to us.   

The system was simple to implement with unlimited support from Mike Gilmore, who managed all of our needs and requests.  From a functionality perspective, I have used several applicant tracking systems in my career from Taleo to Kenexa; and Snaphire is by far the most intuitive to use.  The recruiter dashboard is highly valuable, and at a glance allows us to see activity across jobs and across the different steps in the recruitment process.  The menu to move candidates through the process is always visible and I especially like that the system guides you by displaying the most obvious next step in the process at the top of the menu, changing as the candidate moves through the process.   

Snaphire facilitates many things that we desired in our recruitment process.  We can manage roles and candidates more effectively with a dashboard providing up to date information at a glance.  Our candidate experience is improved with customized messages and the ability to communicate quickly by email directly from Snaphire.  We can tag candidates to track our pipeline for future roles.  And on top of all of that, we can manage our own career site and update content easily with the content management system so that our site is always relevant and current. 

Corporate Recruiting Manager
Service Inspired Restaurants

Prior to working with Snaphire to develop a new Intern recruitment workflow process for our Global Hotel School recruitment visits our process was cumbersome, time consuming and did not reflect the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group brand. We reached out to Snaphire, and shared our vision of the ideal process, system and outcome. Within a very tight timeline Snaphire delivered a custom workflow solution that delivers on our vision. Following are some of the significant results and enhancements that we are benefiting from this new system:

  • Less paperwork and quicker processing of student CV’s through the complete recruitment cycle;
  • Timely communications to the students and the Hotels with ease
  • Building a talent pool for our company that is accessible to all global recruiters
  • Easy tool for interviewers to capture all interview notes and ratings in a consistent format linked to individual Students’ file
  • Significant improvement of students/candidates experience in regards to perception of the company, timely and professional communications and keeping in touch.
  • Hotel receiving better qualified candidates for their consideration and for their specific needs.
  • Regular and timely reporting on status
  • Quicker feedback to Hotel Schools on statistics
  • The new approach (using technology) meets better the expectation of Millenials.
  • Understanding of system potential.

Snaphire’s customer service is very efficient – any questions/issue are handled in a timely manner and with dedicated support. The system can be customized quite easily and Snaphire always provides several solutions to meet our specific needs. As for any online system a basic training is needed, however Snaphire is overall a quite intuitive and user friendly system - next steps are generally explained/described and actions can be modified or cancelled. In addition, they provide on-line tutorial sessions to help along new users. 

The new recruitment workflow helped us definitely in terms of time saving as the whole recruitment process has become quicker and more efficient. Candidate feedback has been very positive as it has improved significantly both their registration and application experience - registration is shorter and more consistent and a timely update on the application status is provided by our Team. 

We definitely recommend SnapHire!

HR Coordinator, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

SnapHire has streamlined our recruitment process, increased productivity, and simplified our work lives. We are amazed at how much more efficient, thorough, organized and expeditious our recruitment and employment processes have become with SnapHire. It is a great system, well worth our investment, and I cannot say enough positive things about it! We greatly appreciate the SnapHire team’s creative thinking and their attention, support and responsiveness to our needs. Working with SnapHire is indeed a pleasure!

HR Director
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