InnTrack features A to Z!

Managers select from a list of pre-canned job templates to instantly create job requisitions. Job templates include pre-package advertising; job description; compliance reporting; and approval chains so managers can point, click and go.

Automatically post on Hcareers, Indeed and other local job boards. Requisition approval & advertising all happen behind the scenes - the store manager points, clicks, and receives pre-screened resumes.

Managers are notified as pre-screened resumes arrive, and can instantly review resumes; decline candidates; forward candidates for review; and schedule interviews.

All other Enterpise Applicant Tracking Features are included: Click HERE for details. 

Eliminate interview scheduling effort for store managers and HR recruiting team, and at the same time giving candidates the best experience possible.

If you suffer from printer-phobia or paper-jam fatigue then this is the feature for you. Lets say you have a half dozen interviews coming in this morning and you need to print out their resumes, cover letters and application forms (ready for them to sign) for the interviews. Need we say more? That’s a lot of opening word docs, and you had better bring a cup of coffee to the printer because you have a lot of collating to do. Well, InnTrack can help you kick that coffee habit! With bulk print you simply select the job & the group of candidates and in 1-click you generate a single pdf document with all resumes, cover letters, application forms etc in their original word format. Print it, email it, eat a low-fat yogurt.

Instantly access and view all candidate information on a single page, including contact details; application form; jobs applied to; screening notes; approval chains; and a complete audit history of every candidate interaction.

Attach notes (or documents) to candidate records, or to application to specific jobs. InnTrack is pre-packaged with a number of template keynotes, phone screen notes; interview notes etc. With Applicant Tracking, you can create custom note fields, and share these notes via custom emails and workflow actions. 

Pipeline is a technique for volume hiring that works particularly well for store, branch or site hiring when a typical candidate might be a good potential fit for many similar or same positions at more than one location.

Tailor views and scored/knock-out screening questions to quickly perform side-by-side comparisons of a high volume of candidate applications. Generate a powerful library of screening questions and questionnaires including a comprehensive variety of multi-choice, multi-selection and keyword match question types. InnTrack even supports advanced document or voice recording questions so you can review written and spoken answers. Question scores can be customized down to each multi-choice selection, and the overall score is accumulated and presented to recruiters for instant ranking.

Search for top candidates within your proprietary talent database using extensive keyword & profile search tools. Track and search candidates based upon recommended management title and other custom talent pool criteria. Search for candidates based upon ad-hoc private and team tags. 

Enhance your employment brand with the provision of tools to your valued candidates. Candidates can login to view the status of jobs; complete draft applications; edit their resume and other registration details; and send communications such as updated cover letters, questions etc to recruiters and hiring managers. 

A standalone careers site connected directly to your InnTrack Business applicant tracking system. Candidates can apply for jobs, and can view a list of all open jobs under your corporate brand. 

Comprehensive OFCCP EEO & Affirmative action compliance tracking, administration and reporting. InnTrack captures and securely stores OFCCP applicant information provided as optional candidate registration fields, and provides fully automated quarterly and annual compliance reports. 

Why? When? By Whom? These can serious questions, especially if you have some kind of compliance audit review. InnTrack presents a complete audit history of every action taken, when & by whom, on every job, job seeker, applicant and user in the system. This information is always instantly available on every page in the system. Just look for the ‘History’ section.

Why is SnapHire so easy to use? Little secret - we customize every screen so that you see not too little, not too much - just the right information for any given stage in the process. Presented with the right information at the right time you can look ‘into’ a list of applicants to perform an instant side-by-side comparison. It’s like having x-ray vision!

Add notes to candidate records. Attach documents. InnTrack delivers pre-packaged templates with numerous touch-points to add notes to candidate records, such as phone screen questions (Skills, Interests), general application notes, candidate keynote etc. Add an unlimited number of custom note fields and create an unlimited number of custom questionnaires to match every phase of your review process.

Hiring corporate directors is an entirely different affair than the strict, high-volume procedures required to process hourly candidates across your ten’s or thousand’s of store locations. Multiple recruiting workflows must concurrently support every type of employment opportunity within your organization, from corporate to operations; from regional to store; from central to deployed Human Resources. 

Review your recruiting tasks for today on your personalized daily to do list. View tasks in the InnTrack calendar. Task items include links to the item subject (candidate, job etc) to quickly respond and clear the item from your list. 

Employees can log in to view and apply to internal job postings; view and complete draft applications, update their profile, and view the status of job applications and employee referrals. Employees can select from a host of custom workflow actions, such as 'Complete employee survey".

Using InnTrack Employee Referral functionality you can mark jobs as being eligible for your organisation’s referral programme and track referred candidates.  If a job is eligible under your organisations scheme employees can send the job to other people using “refer a friend”. Every referral is tracked by InnTrack automatically and transparently.

Directly embed a branded careers site including a list of jobs (or almost any other content) from your careers site directly within your corporate Facebook page.

Categories are at the heart of InnTrack. They are used to profile & search candidates; match jobs to candidates; send nightly job alerts; build talent pools, map external systems, organize employment content and generate custom reports. Just like DNA - you can tweak a category once, and the impact ripples effortlessly across the entire system.

View a list of all your private and team tags with a count of tagged candidates for each. Whereas you can create custom categories for global consolidated talent database tracking, usually in consultation with your InnTrack account manager, you can also create ad-hoc candidate tags on the fly. Tag candidates as anything from “GM Candidate” to “Top secret” - it is up to you. You can keep these tags private, or can share them with your recruiting team. Tagged candidates are a key-click away, and you can include tags in comprehensive saved searches.

You are a unique and beautiful organization, and you demand perfection. With this in mind we made InnTrack the most accommodating and gracious software you will ever meet. Pretty much everything you see is configurable: Menus, buckets (Shortlist, Interview etc), workflows (the particular combination of buckets for a given family of jobs), categories (the primary search criteria in the site)... and the list goes on. In fact, you could customize InnTrack to send a poodle to the moon. Fortunately you don’t have to: InnTrack comes with an extensive set of pre-packaged corporate/salaried, retail/hourly, hospitality etc configurations that deliver best practice for your industry. We will work with you to tweak the system so that it seamlessly fits all your recruiting (and reporting) needs.

Automatically invite all or select candidates to complete your corporate assessment. Integrate assessment results directly into the candidate dashboard. 

Do your job requisitions languish on your managers desk? Who exactly are we waiting on? Why has my job not yet been approved? With InnTrack you can create job requisition approval chains; send, review and approval requests via email; track approval progress; update & override approval chains; and start recruiting at your earliest convenience.

Managers can securely access their jobs to view status. You can customize the manager desktop to permit managers to screen and process resumes, or to control their access to just, say, shortlisted candidates. managers can add candidates notes and provide feed back to HR. 

How on earth do you practice good communications with every single candidate? The answer... mass communications. You review and shortlist candidates on a case by case basis, but do you forward shortlisted candidates to the manager one at a time? Once you have filled the position do you really have to send individual decline messages to all the unsuccessful candidates? InnTrack makes it as simple as “select all & send”. 

Within InnTrack you can request that a list of people review the specific details of a candidate and grant their approval to hire this person.  These people are referred to as “Approvers” and who is involved in the process is determined by your organisational structure.  The Hiring Approval process is tracked through InnTrack and the information gathered remains a part of the candidate record for future reference.  

Managing employment agreements, offer letters, terms of service and other documents can be one of the most time consuming and administrative tasks in the recruitment process. Creating employment documents manually or using mail merge is not just time-consuming, it also introduces a degree of business risk, and can slow down the recruitment process and degrade the candidate experience right at a vital stage.

Go paperless. Yes you can! Convert your current paper application form to an online form. Different forms for salary vs. hourly? No problem. Different felony history questions in different US states? No problem. A Spanish application form? No problem. InnTrack enables you to quickly and easily setup a library of application forms. You simply attach the desired form to the job.

Post job to various advertising destinations. InnTrack supports a posting mechanism to automatically post jobs to supported 3rd party job boards such as HCareers, Seek, TradeMe, Careerbuilder, Monster etc.

View the status of ALL your jobs & applicants in a single dashboard. Notice new activity highlighted by red flags. Set up custom tracking fields; Forward candidates; Record interview results; Bulk decline emails; Offer approval chains; Forward for background checks; On-board new hires. 

Share jobs, news items, campaigns (in fact, any of your Employment Branding content) with the popular social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to share interesting pages to Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networks.

Staffing Agencies are preferred suppliers that can supply job seekers to your organisation. Selectively submit job opportunities to your registered agencies; track resumes submitted by agencies to avoid unnecessary agency payments; track agency contracts and amounts owed; measure effectiveness of agency hires.

Directly manage employee testimonials; restaurant brand; career path; employee benefits and any other kind of custom content you wish to appear on your career site. Changes are entered by authorized personnel via an easy to use user-interface, and are instantly reflected on your career site. Entries are connected automatically to related jobs, and any other applicable employment content to ensure that candidates are always just one click away from any relevant employment content.. and, when they are ready, just one click away from the job of their dreams!

Build and maintain mutiple management and non-management talent pools that tracks candidate profile (locations, skills etc), internal evaluations and interview scores. Set up global or private saved searches; receive email alerts when candidates match your saved seach; automatically suggest top candidates for jobs; designate yourself as candidate liaison; mark candidates as confidential (for your eyes only).

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